Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Today I was cleaning my room. Mainly because I wanted to actually create a "working area" with all my drawers and boxes with beads and yarn. With all my buttons, crocheting hooks and other stuff. Haven't finished it all yet, but I can hardly explain how happy I feel being busy with such kind of things. Now everything I do brings me closer to something I really want to create. something of my very own. And it is ok if today I was just cleaning, and yesterday I did only one pair of earrings. I am doing something - this is the most important thing.also, I have made a resolution (and so far I keep all my resolutions 2009) to do something for my shop everyday. If not an item, than at leat a post in the blog, or arranging working place, or customizing the etsy page.Let's see if I will be equally excited about all this in one month from now.

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