Sunday, 31 January 2010


I have been using crocheted coaster for a quite a while now. They are so soft and cozy, that they make my tea-time just the way I love it :)
And why not making them for others as well? Why keeping all the pleasure only to myself?
So I ended up crocheting several sets of coasters for my shop.

Friday, 22 January 2010


Dear Stockholmers,

Tomorrow I am volunteering in Erikshjälpen secondhand shop in Spånga. All the profit will go to the people in Haiti.

So if you feel like secondhand-shopping tomorrow, come to Spånga, the shop is really big and cheap. And what can be better than knowing that your money go to those who need it most.
(I buy much of my yarn there, by the way. They often sell leftovers for a very cheap price - like 10SEK per piece).

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Poppy is Love

Probably, poppies are my favourite flowers.
I think I have done more poppies with my crochet hook than I actually saw in nature :))

Here is my new interpretation of this amazing gentle and passionate flower.
And thanks again to Anna. N. Kazakova for being the best model in the world!

Yes, you can wear it in different ways :)

It has both safety brooch pin and alligator hairpin attached to its back

Three of these poppies have found a new home already - one in Märsta, Sweden, one in Belgrade, Serbia, one in Haifa, Israel. Ah, I feel such a satisfaction imagining my flowers populating this planet :))

Monday, 18 January 2010


oh yes, we did a new photosession with my necklaces.
Thanks to Anna N. Kazakova for being her beautiful self!

If you click on the picture - you will see the relevant item in my shop.

The older post with ideas about how to wear my necklaces / bracelets can be found here

Friday, 8 January 2010

Do you love upcycling as much as I do?

I love old things. I love secondhand shops. I love fleamarkets. What can be more inspiring than buying an old thing and giving it a new life?!

Lately I bought three handfulls of amazing colorful buttons in a secondhand shop, and already on the bus on my way home I came up with thousands of projects where these buttons can be used. Wait and see!

But for now I started with simply embellishing my new bold red flower brooches, that were crocheted a couple of weeks ago, but I had hard time finding matching beads to go with it. And the buttons sit there just perfectly.

And these brooches I have upgraded to hairpins as well.

They are made of soft nohair with polyamid mix and they measure 3.5" /9 cm in diameter.

They would lookgorgeous on a shawl, jacket, sweater, coat or any piece of clothing, and it will look absolutely stunning on a purse, hat, scarf, headband or wristband as well.

more of my brooches are here

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Cabled scarf from Icelandic wool

Knitting is such a great way of relaxing after a long period of crocheting.
This scarf was made as a present to a friend. The pattern is "plagiarized" from a beanie of a woman sitting in front of me in the train :))