Monday, 27 July 2009

July crocheting above Stadsbiblioteket

Well, well, well,

As promised, I haven't spent a single day without making even a little step in the direction of my shop.

At the very least I simply crochet on my way to and from work (which is one hour a day in total), but most of the days I can find more time than that.

Friday night, for example, I was watching "Nicholas Nickleby" untill the morning and have made 10 pairs of earrings. finally, I am completely satisfied with the design. It is completely mine! I am yet to see it anywhere else!
The entire weekend was dedicated to improving the initial idea and to playing with colour and material combinations.

And finally today I had a free day, so I went to my favourite Odenplan, climbed the hill next to the city library, and sat there "on the top of the world" happily crocheting for several hours in a row accompanied by either Regina Spector of Harry Potter audiobook in my headphones.

The result: two dozen of new items. Every single one is special and made with love. Though probably I should consider making several copies of the most successful ones, as it will be much easier to simpliy repost items on etsy. But anyway.. it is still a way to go before i post my items - probably after I am back from Gotland (mid-August).

However, you are welcome to have a glimpse of what I was doing today with a bit of Stockholm roofs in the background :)
This is how I look like when i work :)

This is the view that inspires me...

This is my treasure box. With everything I need for crocheting away from home. And you can see my dinner just next to it. Frozen fruit. mmm.
(yes, I know, it is summer, and normal people eat fresh fruit, but I love frozen ones - thay are like candies - you eat them slowly)

And finally, the parade of some of the freshly made items. Not finished yet and without earwires, but for all those curious among you - this is what I do lately.

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