Monday, 23 November 2009

Lately I spend quite a lot of time by watching other shops on Etsy. There are so many talaned people... each and every. and so many undiscovered.. and so many are crafting quite ordinary things, but doing an amazing branding and promotion... I still have learn so many things!!

Especially I am admiring artists working with wood - my absolutely favourite material.

I think I will probably start featuring other artists here, and though my blog is quite fresh and not very well read, I will still do it!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Back from Moscow

I am back.

7 days in Russia were too short!

Though I bought a lot of beads, pearls and gem-stones. Now let me find my camera charger, and I will show you my new treasure!!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Just a perfect day

Easy Sunday.

A bit of laundry in the morning, a lot of shopping in the afternoon (going to Moscow on Tuesday - can't go without presents) and a lot of crocheting in the evening with two amazing movies: "8 women" and "Mindwalk".

Among other things, I bought a string of turquenite today. It is cute, but blue or turquoise are not my colors, so naturally I am having a hard time in trying to imagine a necklace with it... but it will come, and no doubt sooner than I expect it.
Only now do I understand that creative process is not only inventing new things with the help of familiar skills and materials, but constant discovery of new horizons. Cliche, but I do feel it strongly today. I will work with turquenite!


What can be more heart-warming in winter than a cute vintage crocheted broosh?
I wear them every time I have romantic-cozy mood.

Moreover, my brooches are all created in an attempt to be more ecologically sustainable. I had a bunch of yarn leftovers - beautiful pieces, but too small for any serious project. Throwing them away would break my heart. Buying new yarn for brooches - would break my anti-consumption-phylosophy heart too. So the way out was to try and combine the yarn I have with the beads I have. And here we go!
So of the brooches are absolutely unique as the piece of yarn was just enough for one.

Pumpkin brooch with glass beads (wool with acrylic)

$13 - free shipping

White mohair brooch with glass beads

$11.50 - free shipping

Pink flower brooch with glass beads (acrylic and cotton yarn)

$12 - free shipping

More of my brooches are in my shop.

Black and white - winter is here, isn't it?

And so even I need a rest from colors sometimes.

I have to say I am proud of this black and white necklace / bracelet. It is absolutely fresh, frosty, magical and festive. I expect it to be one of the major highlights of my shop around Christmas time.

We shall see :)

price $19.5 - free shipping
To see more of it - go to my shop