Saturday, 26 December 2009

mommy and me..

This red necklace I made in summer for myself. Crocheted beads, felted beads, wooden and glass beads. Organza ribbon.

My mother loved it very much and asked me to make one for her as well. In greyish-beige-pearl shades. And here is the result:

think spring

I love winter - it is all white here, and I had a snow bath yesterday together with two huge neghbor's dogs. I love when it's all white and fresh and clean... and innocent....

but I do need some warmth sometimes. so after yesterdays rolling in the snow I had a warm bath with candles and "Hard Times" audiobook in my earphones. And after that I had a strong drive to crochet something warm. Something honey-beer-tea-spices-cinnamon shades.

And this is the result :)

Necklace / bracelet and earrings.

More pictures on my Etsy site, as always.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Let's talk earrings :)

I made a few lately - what I love about earrings is that they are fun to make and it takes much less time than a necklace. And they look unusual!

More pictures and information - on TomBjörnDesigns

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Festive, sparkling, happy.

I didn't have time to post these here - they started to sell right away, so I had to crochet all the time :)

Now, when the pre-xmas shop invasion is behind me - I can proudly show you these necklaces / bracelets. Glass beads, cotoon thread, as always :)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Hair work

Yesterday we went to see the crafts fair in Kista. Well, honestly, I wasexpecting to see more artist and more visitors. No, it was not empty, but it was not full either.

But I truly enjoyed talking to those artists who were there. Especially I was amazed by a lady who was making jewerly from human hair. She had absolutely amazing pieces! And she was sitting there and making it all in front of the public. So if you want to have a necklace (or even underwear!!) from the hair of your beloved (dead or alive) - she is the right address

Unfortunately I cannot find her site, but I surely will, and then I will share it with you. But here, I found another blog describing similar technique. Isn't is just amazing? Remember, it is made out of human hair!!

Here you can read more about this technique.

As for me - I bought little ceramic Christmas tree decorations. I will include them (or one of my handmade cellphone chokers) as a tiny little extra gift to every purchase in my shop from now and untill the beginning of January...