Thursday, 1 November 2012

Vitamin Kick

Do you remember a necklace I made some years ago?

Well, today a twin sister was born. Well almost a twin - it's orange - and a very juicy one!

It features crocheted and felted orange beads, one crocheted flower, vintage plastic and glass beads and sweet pumpkin organza ribbon.

So here were my ingredients:

This broken necklace from the 40s!! I found it on a local flee market for very cheap, as it was broken beyond reparing.

 And these sweet juicy beads are other finding at a local craft fair. Look how they shine with color!

The little crocheted flower is a real surprise factor in this necklace!

So that's how it looked when it was ready.

In a couple of days it will be shipped to a friend of mine, I hope she will enjoy it!