Saturday, 26 December 2009

mommy and me..

This red necklace I made in summer for myself. Crocheted beads, felted beads, wooden and glass beads. Organza ribbon.

My mother loved it very much and asked me to make one for her as well. In greyish-beige-pearl shades. And here is the result:

think spring

I love winter - it is all white here, and I had a snow bath yesterday together with two huge neghbor's dogs. I love when it's all white and fresh and clean... and innocent....

but I do need some warmth sometimes. so after yesterdays rolling in the snow I had a warm bath with candles and "Hard Times" audiobook in my earphones. And after that I had a strong drive to crochet something warm. Something honey-beer-tea-spices-cinnamon shades.

And this is the result :)

Necklace / bracelet and earrings.

More pictures on my Etsy site, as always.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Let's talk earrings :)

I made a few lately - what I love about earrings is that they are fun to make and it takes much less time than a necklace. And they look unusual!

More pictures and information - on TomBjörnDesigns

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Festive, sparkling, happy.

I didn't have time to post these here - they started to sell right away, so I had to crochet all the time :)

Now, when the pre-xmas shop invasion is behind me - I can proudly show you these necklaces / bracelets. Glass beads, cotoon thread, as always :)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Hair work

Yesterday we went to see the crafts fair in Kista. Well, honestly, I wasexpecting to see more artist and more visitors. No, it was not empty, but it was not full either.

But I truly enjoyed talking to those artists who were there. Especially I was amazed by a lady who was making jewerly from human hair. She had absolutely amazing pieces! And she was sitting there and making it all in front of the public. So if you want to have a necklace (or even underwear!!) from the hair of your beloved (dead or alive) - she is the right address

Unfortunately I cannot find her site, but I surely will, and then I will share it with you. But here, I found another blog describing similar technique. Isn't is just amazing? Remember, it is made out of human hair!!

Here you can read more about this technique.

As for me - I bought little ceramic Christmas tree decorations. I will include them (or one of my handmade cellphone chokers) as a tiny little extra gift to every purchase in my shop from now and untill the beginning of January...

Monday, 23 November 2009

Lately I spend quite a lot of time by watching other shops on Etsy. There are so many talaned people... each and every. and so many undiscovered.. and so many are crafting quite ordinary things, but doing an amazing branding and promotion... I still have learn so many things!!

Especially I am admiring artists working with wood - my absolutely favourite material.

I think I will probably start featuring other artists here, and though my blog is quite fresh and not very well read, I will still do it!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Back from Moscow

I am back.

7 days in Russia were too short!

Though I bought a lot of beads, pearls and gem-stones. Now let me find my camera charger, and I will show you my new treasure!!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Just a perfect day

Easy Sunday.

A bit of laundry in the morning, a lot of shopping in the afternoon (going to Moscow on Tuesday - can't go without presents) and a lot of crocheting in the evening with two amazing movies: "8 women" and "Mindwalk".

Among other things, I bought a string of turquenite today. It is cute, but blue or turquoise are not my colors, so naturally I am having a hard time in trying to imagine a necklace with it... but it will come, and no doubt sooner than I expect it.
Only now do I understand that creative process is not only inventing new things with the help of familiar skills and materials, but constant discovery of new horizons. Cliche, but I do feel it strongly today. I will work with turquenite!


What can be more heart-warming in winter than a cute vintage crocheted broosh?
I wear them every time I have romantic-cozy mood.

Moreover, my brooches are all created in an attempt to be more ecologically sustainable. I had a bunch of yarn leftovers - beautiful pieces, but too small for any serious project. Throwing them away would break my heart. Buying new yarn for brooches - would break my anti-consumption-phylosophy heart too. So the way out was to try and combine the yarn I have with the beads I have. And here we go!
So of the brooches are absolutely unique as the piece of yarn was just enough for one.

Pumpkin brooch with glass beads (wool with acrylic)

$13 - free shipping

White mohair brooch with glass beads

$11.50 - free shipping

Pink flower brooch with glass beads (acrylic and cotton yarn)

$12 - free shipping

More of my brooches are in my shop.

Black and white - winter is here, isn't it?

And so even I need a rest from colors sometimes.

I have to say I am proud of this black and white necklace / bracelet. It is absolutely fresh, frosty, magical and festive. I expect it to be one of the major highlights of my shop around Christmas time.

We shall see :)

price $19.5 - free shipping
To see more of it - go to my shop

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Vampire and Emerald

So we have news, haven't we?

The days are getting shorter so fast. Night Stockholm is dominating surrounding. Lights, cold air, dark water - absolutely stunning city. How come is exists at all?

I am absolutely lucky to be here and now!

And I do feel christmas in the air. Though the shops haven't started with decorations yet, still the wind wispers magic.

And here what this dark late October Scandinavian wind has wispered in my ear...
This one is bloody passionate necklace / bracelet... deep red glass beads... black cotton. Target audience - vampires.

$19.5 + Free shipping - still twi items are available.
Another on is an Emerald fire necklace...

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

was crocheting all night long!! now I am completely sleepy in the office. But I canät help myself - crocheting while watching good BBC series (like Lark Rise to Candleford ) is my one weakness :)

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Undoubtedly - the nature around me is my main inspiration source. Rocks, rain drops, moss, berries, clouds, leaves, crispy air...
here is my recent favourite item... was created as a "piece of Sweden".

Monday, 5 October 2009

Enchanted collection!

Inspired by approaching Halloween, I have created a whole collection of enchanted necklaces.

Two of them are listed on on etsy - the first one is listed on Etsy

for more pictures - follow the link to Etsy.
I have made 5 of these. 3 have rightful owners. 1 is reserved. one is still available.

The second one is deeper purple. No pink anymore. Dark Arts. Also featured on Etsy

One of a kind.
available. $19 icludung shipping.

the third one - With light pink stones

Still available. $19 icluding shipping.

another one - with bigger black wooden beads

Still available. Is not on Etsy yet.

more pink than any other necklace. Has found a loving home.

no available anymore. Sold.

Yeap, that's it for now :)

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Berry theme

Juicy earrings - mmm

Friday, 25 September 2009

So how do you wear them? my necklaces.
Remember - it has two locks on each of its ends which creates unlimited options of wearing it. If your imagination is not your weakness, you will be able to invent new necklace every single day. Or bracelet actually.. Or belt...
Here are some of my suggestions

Wear it as an open-ended necklace - tie the ends

Or wear it as a scarf

Or make one loop around neck and then tie the ends

Or make 3 or four loops around the neck

Or wear it as a bracelet





Or lock the locks with each other and arrange it as a regular closed necklace - you choose the number and length or loops.

Or even tie a knot...

And the most important thing - I do these necklaces with love. They are charged with positive emotions and happiness - take a good care of them - and they will take of you. I promise!

For more ideas - see my newer post here