Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Forest Fairy

Like a year ago - when I lived next to beautiful Hagaparken, I decided to make my photosession outside, on the stones, moss, trees. After all, that's where I get my inspiration from, so why not taking my creations back to nature and take pictures of them in their "natural environment"!

So this is one of my new versatile necklaces / bracelets - Forest Fairy.
This piece comes from a fairytale. From any fairytale about deep forests, tall trees, green moss and of course, kind fairies.
These earth colors - brown, green, beige and moss - are my absolutely favorites. And small chips of transparent crystal feel like fresh dew drops :)

See more pictures here!

The scarf :)

So here is the finished scarf, sorry no pictures on its owner!
65% Icelandic wool
30% mohair
5% acrylic
Amazing combination - Wool makes it unbelievably warm, mohair adds softness and
acrylic will make sure it is wearable, durable and washable :)

Here you can peek and see the back side :)

And here is my previous post with a picture "in the process" :))

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Scarf for HIM :)

Last two weeks I was busy knitting this scarf (that is I was laso busy working on my shop and studying)
As for the scarf - I wanted it to be soft, lovely, warm, long and.. and... and... everything a scarf should be.
I came up with the pattern by myself, but obviously, there is nothing new under the sun - I based it on many many other patterns.
Last year I tried a similar pattern on a scarf for a friend, but this one turned out to be more successful - easier to knit and looks prettier.

Here is the picture in the process:

I will upload the pictures of the finished scarf later. Also, I am trying to draw my patterns so that other people can use it (if I upload it to my blog for example), but so far I only used good old pen and paper. Are there any programs to draw knitting and crocheting patterns, I wonder...

Here is the finished scarf :)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Buttons are still on my mind :)

Well, well, I am preparing for Basar Under, where I will have a table for three consecutive Saturdays (December the 4th, 11th and 18th). apparently, my brooches attract more attention to my table than my necklaces :) So be it - it is a mass-brooch-production-factory in my apartment now :) Crocheting, combining, inventing new patterns, sewing buttons, taking pictures...
all this made me realize how urgently I need a proper studio, or at least a corner in a room for my shop :)

Here are two of my new creations - embellished with upcycled buttons. For more info - click on the picture and go to my shop