Sunday, 24 October 2010

I wear glasses

since last weak - I wear glasses. That's how I look on a rainy autumn day in Stockholm park.
Don't ask me, why I don't smile - I usually do!
And this day was such a happy day - long walk under umbrella along the Djurgården shore, then brunch at Djurgårdsbrunn. Later - walk in the Old Town and peeking into old book shops - ahhh.

I truly live in the most beautiful and amazing city!!

Buttons collection

More buttons!!

I am in love with these little colorful buttons. I bought a bunch in a secondhand shop and now is utilizing them into a new buttons collection!

Do you like upcycled things as much as I do?

I will list more items (versatile necklaces and earrings) in my "Passion for Buttons" section of my shop on Etsy

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Dreamy Blueberries

I came up with this item in a nostalgic search for late summer. Juicy blueberries, green meadows and sunny smiles :)
I used this turquoise shade for blueberries to make them a bit dreamy, a bit creamy, as if preparing them for their future fate - blueberry cheesecake.. or icecream :))

More - in Tom Björn Designs

Little pumpkins in your years :)

I need some Halloween :) Do you?

Read more in my shop Tom Björn Designs

Friday, 1 October 2010

New mosaic of images - how to wear my versatiles pieces :)

Necklaces, bracelet, belts and headbands - all in one!

Now this renewed mosaic will be featured in most of my items on Etsy :)