Monday, 23 April 2012

Easter in Wermland

Well, Swedish weather loves to surprise.

This year we thought of spending Easter with my in-laws in the western province of Sweden - just at the border with Norway. I have even dedicated some of my jewelry to Wermland.

This year it all started well,

bit of sun, birches turned purple-lavender - just before the green explosion. I was happily napping in front of the house.

Next day we woke up to a snow storm. Well, welcome to Sweden!

Despite it, we continued with out bon-fire plans and had tons of good time :)

 I hope soon it's green and springy and I will be inspired to make those green earrings again!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Monday, 2 April 2012

Bridesmaids jewelry

Planning your wedding? Bridesmaid at your friend's wedding?

Well, once I got a custom order of seven similar necklace / bracelets. The buyer was a bride, and she wanted all her bridesmaids plus two mothers to have my necklaces. But all of them will be wearing them in a different way.
I got a picture later - it was amazing. Here stand 7 beautiful ladies and all have the same item created by me, but used in a different way. One had it as a bracelet, one as a collar, one as lariat necklace, one as headband, another as belt... and even an anklet.

And this made me think - well, of course, the versatility of my items allow to be this creative!
and thus I decided to launch a new discount for brides - %15 if you buy 3 and more necklaces.
and if you send me a happy picture after the event - you will get any item of your choice for free... as a wedding present.

Isn't that cool!

So brides, talk to me and let me know which item might fit the color scheme of your important event!