Tuesday, 21 July 2009

My first business cards

Ahh... have just ordered 500 Tom Björn Designs business cards at VistaPrint. Probably I should have checked the prices on different sites, but sometimes I enjoy being blond - I simply saw an amazing ready design on VistaPrint - and here we are. It is cheap after all. They also had a special promo, so the difference between 250 cards (the minimum you can order) and 500 was only 3 euros - so why not?

Of course, ideally, I would have a personal design on my business card, but right now it is unaffordable. Even if the design itself I can get for free (done by myself or by one of my many beloved, talanted and generous friends), still the printing of personally customised cards will cost so much more! But nevertheless I continue hoping that one day I will have same design for all my pages - etsy, blogspot, livejournal, twitter, and to a sertain extent facebook (luckily, I don't have a myspace profile).

I am so determined now to finally carry all this thing out! Uploading items, setting up the shop... promoting myself. God knows how many social networks and blogging spaces will be invented in the nearest future. how can a sane person manage all these? Well, others do it, and so will I! Anyway, livejournal and blogspot will feature the same posts. Twitter will show a one-sentence summary and a link to blogspot. Facebook and Etsy will not be updated as frequently as the blogging spaces.

After all, if I want to set up a real business - spending one hour a day on promoting a shop is quite reasonable, and within one hour you can write a lot and even post new items! Anyway, I am spending online between 2 and 4 hours every day, mainly doing nothing. Now I will be doing something. Something amazing. something I longed for!

Well, so coming back to my business cards - I can officially say that this is the first investment in my business. Congratulations, Ira!
So right now the cards are being printed and in 21 days the lates I will hold them, touch them, smile at them, smell them... 21 day - just enough time to finally set up the shop and choose my first 30-50 items.

And here is the design I have fallen in love with!

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