Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Business cards.

Ahh, have ordered 500 business cards from VistaPrint. Probably it would be wiser to compare prices from different companies, but the design I found on VistaPrint really took my breath away, and so I went with it. 250 is the minimum amount, and given the special promotion, the price difference between 250 and 500 was only 3 euros - so why not!

Anyway, making my own real design would cost much much more no matter how cheap the company is. That is even if the design itself will be free for me (done by myself or by my beloved, talanted and generous friends).

But it is done now. This is my first official investment in my future shop.
(all the materials I have were purchased without any specific purpose - but it turns out I have more than enough for my forst collection!

So right now, the cards are being printed and in 21 days the latest I will hold them, touch them, smell them... ahh. Just enough time to finally set the shop, make 30-50 items and upload them.

Do you want to see the design that I have fallen in love with?


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