Friday, 31 July 2009

business cards

Hehe,I have recieved my business cards today, just in time before my departure for Gotland. And though half of the information on them is still not very much used (as my etsy shop is still empty), I will take them to Gotland. As a matter of fact, last time when I was knitting in the park, two ladies asked me if I do it for profit and if they can have my card, I ended up writing down my blogspot address. How much nicer this would be if I could just give them my card, saying that the items will appear in the shop within a couple of weeks. But well, there will be many others like them I believe.

And now to the point, I am indeed going to Gotland for 9 days. Taking with me a tent, a sleeping bag, my medieval dress and as many beads and threads as I can carry. I already have around 50 items. Probably will get to around a hundred after this trip.
Yes, I know it is not the wisest thing in the world to make items without making sure they are going to be sold. But from the reactions of my friends that have seen my latest earrings - they will be popular. I will make sure they will.

So the plan is:
Coming back from Gotland and taking pictures of all the items.
Posting them on etsy, here and blogspotkeeping twitter updatedhmm, that's it I guess.

If I am not able to update the blog during the next 10 days - know that I am enjoying myself and simply don't have time to run to the library.

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