Tuesday, 31 August 2010

How to wear them?

This post will summarize most of the possible ways to wear my necklaces/ bracelets/ headbands/ belts - call them whatever you want :)

So here you go - here and here you will see different ways of wearing it as necklace.

For those who prefer bracelets - find your inspiration here

You can even wear them as headband. Check out these pictures

Or maybe belt? See this post

Please let me know if you come up with an additional way of wearing it!

some new bracelet photos...

Cklick the image to go to the respective item.

Apple Delight as bracelet.

Spicy Curry and Chili -

Lavender Milk as bracelet

Cherry Candy worn as bracelet (I loooove its combination with jeans)


Why not making necklace of upcycled buttons?
And look, you can even wear it as a belt!

or as an open ended necklace...

or as collar-necklace

Or in any other way that your imagination would allow you :)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

My necklaces can be worn as headbands - easily! :)

So I have always mentioned that my necklaces / bracelets can be worn as headbands too, but I have never shown you images of how it might look like. Here you go!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Spice up your autumn!

Yes, here comes the spicy one!
Inspired by warm August dinners and the colors of coming September.
Striking combination of mustard yellow and sparkling red drops... Final touch - olive and whiskey colored faceted glass beads and crystal pieces.
Enjoy the best season of the year!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Save the Children at Medieval Week on Gotland

So as I said, during the Medieval week on Gotland, I was volunteering with Save the Children Sweden, doing various activities with kids. Mainly painting shields, riding wooden horse and making jewelry.
Of course, I was in charge of the necklaces part :)

here are some pics of the kids ... aren't they incredible??

As it happened boys were very very keen to make their jewelry as well :)

And this little one, Oliver, was watching his sister making necklace for half an hour with these sad eyes :))
So eventually he got to make his own bracelet :))

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Medieval week on Gotland

Probably you wonder, why haven't I been writing for so long.

Well, first summer vacation, then the festival on Gotland. I am coming here every year, wearing my medieval dress and helping the organizers of this amazing week.

Usually I help the Save the Children team, and this year we are making necklaces for little princesses and knights. We were donated a bunch of colorful beads, and now I am running around kids that try to make themselves medieval jewels.

All the income goes to Save the Children, of course.

I will upload pictures later, and starting from next week, I will be back on a full scale - listing new items, sharing handmade thoughts :)