Monday, 21 September 2009

working on improving pictures on Etsy

Of course, pictures are one of the most crusial things when you're selling online. So I am trying to improve. Looking at other treasuries, realising which ones among my items have made their way to treasuries and why...

I have to say - I am really proud of my last pictures! And I know, I will improve more.

Now working on another set of necklaces - black with purple and pink. A girl has made a custom for a pink-black item (with emo flavour) and I could not honestly warm to it. however I promised to give it a try. And quite unexpectedly I have found an enormous inspiration in playing with shades of purple and pink... I have made 4 pieces so far - 3 of them have already found their new homes - even before I have taken pictures of them! And I suppose it will be such a great color combination for xmas festivities!

"things to do... things to do..." (c) jane austen

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