Sunday, 6 September 2009

The story behind Tom Björn

Well, there is no actual story! I have been making things with my own hands since I was a child (thanks to my grandmother Nelly, and to my Mom), and now I feel like making it my main occupation in life.

However, there is a story behing the name Tom Björn. Many Swedish people have already asked me why I have this weird name as my shop title. Both Tom and Björn are normal swedish names, but you can never get the combination of both of them together. The closest you can get is Torbjörn. And so many Swedes indeed assume that I simply has made a mistake - but no!!

This name belongs to my beloved huge teddy bear, which is actually serves me as a pillow while I am typing these lines. In Swedish bear it "björn", so he is actually Tom the bear. He was given to me by my friends on my 26th birthday and was initially named just Björn. "Tom" was added later as one of these friends wanted to share his own first name with this adorable teddy bear.
And so here we are - Tom Björn and I are virtually inseparable. We live together, sleep together, crochet together. That is I am crocheting, and he is making sure my environment stays cosy, warm and inspiring. He is my best supporter and companion in this endeavour of my shop, and as an aknowledgement I decided to name my shop after him.

He deserves it!

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