Friday, 25 September 2009

So how do you wear them? my necklaces.
Remember - it has two locks on each of its ends which creates unlimited options of wearing it. If your imagination is not your weakness, you will be able to invent new necklace every single day. Or bracelet actually.. Or belt...
Here are some of my suggestions

Wear it as an open-ended necklace - tie the ends

Or wear it as a scarf

Or make one loop around neck and then tie the ends

Or make 3 or four loops around the neck

Or wear it as a bracelet





Or lock the locks with each other and arrange it as a regular closed necklace - you choose the number and length or loops.

Or even tie a knot...

And the most important thing - I do these necklaces with love. They are charged with positive emotions and happiness - take a good care of them - and they will take of you. I promise!

For more ideas - see my newer post here

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  1. I just bought a yellow jasper necklace and I'm so excited to try it out. I really like your ideas and spirit behind your work, it makes me happy!