Sunday, 8 November 2009


What can be more heart-warming in winter than a cute vintage crocheted broosh?
I wear them every time I have romantic-cozy mood.

Moreover, my brooches are all created in an attempt to be more ecologically sustainable. I had a bunch of yarn leftovers - beautiful pieces, but too small for any serious project. Throwing them away would break my heart. Buying new yarn for brooches - would break my anti-consumption-phylosophy heart too. So the way out was to try and combine the yarn I have with the beads I have. And here we go!
So of the brooches are absolutely unique as the piece of yarn was just enough for one.

Pumpkin brooch with glass beads (wool with acrylic)

$13 - free shipping

White mohair brooch with glass beads

$11.50 - free shipping

Pink flower brooch with glass beads (acrylic and cotton yarn)

$12 - free shipping

More of my brooches are in my shop.

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