Monday, 5 October 2009

Enchanted collection!

Inspired by approaching Halloween, I have created a whole collection of enchanted necklaces.

Two of them are listed on on etsy - the first one is listed on Etsy

for more pictures - follow the link to Etsy.
I have made 5 of these. 3 have rightful owners. 1 is reserved. one is still available.

The second one is deeper purple. No pink anymore. Dark Arts. Also featured on Etsy

One of a kind.
available. $19 icludung shipping.

the third one - With light pink stones

Still available. $19 icluding shipping.

another one - with bigger black wooden beads

Still available. Is not on Etsy yet.

more pink than any other necklace. Has found a loving home.

no available anymore. Sold.

Yeap, that's it for now :)

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