Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Upgrading old shoe boxes

Since we have moved in into our new apartment, I am constantly collection ideas on how to improve my work room. So far I have a simple desk (even without drawers) and good old solid shelves that cover one wall. And all my supplies are lying on those shelves. Some in cute boxes I bought, some in even cuter tin boxes I got as a present, but the majority - in shoe boxes. And it's not because I am too lazy to get new craft boxes, I just believe that those shoe boxes are very useful and good quality. They are perfect size and anyway - why throwing away, when we can reuse?

But I admit, the shoe boxes do not contribute to the room decor. And so I have decided to upgrade them a bit - wrap them in paper. However, the regular gift paper is too thin and is torn easily, so what I took leftovers of wallpaper instead.

Our craftstore Kreatima sells the leftovers of fantastic designed wallpaper for super low price. And so I bought some.

 Then I took my show box, paper glue, scissors and a tape.

The first box will have the honor of being wrapped in my favorite wallpaper.

I started with cutting the wallpaper and glueing it to the bottom of the box.

Then took care of the corners - just like wrapping a gift.

Try to be accurate - you want to use those boxes for some years :)

Do the same with the locks, but don't wrap the paper on the inside of the lock, it will be too thick to easily close on the box. Try to glue and tape the paper very tight. But sometimes, when the wallpaper is of good quality and quite thick (like the one I used), it is unavoidable that the lock will be a bit too small for the box. Well, I have the cheat solution.
Cut two corners of the lock and neatly wrap them with paper and tape. It will look very neat, and your box will have a perfectly fitting lock :)

Here you go. I have done 2 boxes so far - 5 more to go.

What do I use them for?

Mainly for storing of supplies or ready made items.

And the locks are perfect to take item pictures on! Simple faded pattern is perfect for creating an atmosphere.

And since it's not flat - it creates levels in the picture, that shows items in a more vivid and attractive way.


  1. that's a great idea - i always bought my storage cases at ikea... but now i'll try your great recycling idea!
    thanx for sharing.
    greetings gudrun

  2. This is a really good idea and looks so pretty. I will try this too on all my mismatched boxes :)

  3. Cool idea! Thanks for sharing it :)

  4. Thank you for the idea - I was looking for something easy but cool to turn my boxes over!