Sunday, 20 March 2011

The locks

So many friends, customers and retailers asked me about the locks of my necklaces.
So I decided to make a short post so that later give this link to every one who has questions about the locks.

So here we go - two lobster clasps on each end of my necklaces.

This allows to
- wear the necklace open ended or tie the ends like lariat.

- lock the locks with each other and have several wraps bracelet or necklace. Or belt. Or headband.

- lock each lock on a different part of the string. This is especially useful in wearing my necklaces as tight bracelets. You make one wrap around your hand, lock the first lock in between the beads. Continue wrapping until it sits tight. Then lock the second lock on the part of the string where it reaches. hmm, I hope I have explained it ok!
but I feel that it is about time to start making video tutorial about how to lock my necklaces :))

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