Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Scarf for HIM :)

Last two weeks I was busy knitting this scarf (that is I was laso busy working on my shop and studying)
As for the scarf - I wanted it to be soft, lovely, warm, long and.. and... and... everything a scarf should be.
I came up with the pattern by myself, but obviously, there is nothing new under the sun - I based it on many many other patterns.
Last year I tried a similar pattern on a scarf for a friend, but this one turned out to be more successful - easier to knit and looks prettier.

Here is the picture in the process:

I will upload the pictures of the finished scarf later. Also, I am trying to draw my patterns so that other people can use it (if I upload it to my blog for example), but so far I only used good old pen and paper. Are there any programs to draw knitting and crocheting patterns, I wonder...

Here is the finished scarf :)

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