Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Forest Fairy

Like a year ago - when I lived next to beautiful Hagaparken, I decided to make my photosession outside, on the stones, moss, trees. After all, that's where I get my inspiration from, so why not taking my creations back to nature and take pictures of them in their "natural environment"!

So this is one of my new versatile necklaces / bracelets - Forest Fairy.
This piece comes from a fairytale. From any fairytale about deep forests, tall trees, green moss and of course, kind fairies.
These earth colors - brown, green, beige and moss - are my absolutely favorites. And small chips of transparent crystal feel like fresh dew drops :)

See more pictures here!


  1. It is very pretty, Irene. Love your work!

  2. I love your creations! And this color is amazing!