Sunday, 9 January 2011

Just before Christmas I got an amazing present - look

As part of gift exchange game, I have received these wonderful gift from Tanya Soroka.

A lovely set of Christmas decorations and an absolutely adorable felted wrist cuff - bracelet.

The little bears very soon found their place on our Christmas cactus (we were too lazy to get a proper tree this year). And the wonderful bracelet fits parfectly with my style! And I cannot be happier!

I am so grateful and happy!

Go to her shop web-page and see other wonderful creations.

And let me show several of my favorites made by her!


  1. Nice bracelet! Perfect gift!

  2. Great gifts! And lovely creations of your friend! Congrats!

  3. Gorgeous gift, love the cuff and decorations!

  4. Ira! I am very glad that you liked the gift! I am very worried, but assumed that a bracelet should be in your style.
    Once again, Happy New Year! I wish you success and a little more creative!
    Sorry for my English:)