Thursday, 30 December 2010

Tom Björn Designs at Basar Under

Three December weekends in a row I was having a show at the Basar Under. Absolutely lovely place - definitely worthy visiting on your weekend vintage shopping in Stockholm. A lot of amazing old findings, a lot of surprising and brave design ideas and a lot of handmade.

I worked like crazy before the show - made tons of brooches, rings, earrings and of course, my necklaces
I spent several evenings and nights thinking on how to present my items - I wanted to keep vintage and handmade spirit in the way the table looks. Old wooden frame, recycled paper and small piece of old lace - and a lovely "grandma" frame for earrings is ready :)

Oh yes, I had a lot of brooches. And somehow I enjoy selling brooches the most!

I was upgrading my stand every day. The wooden frames gave way to bigger stands (still all made by me and still keeping the vintage-lace feeling). I kept the little ones for side stands :)

Look how happy I look! I got huge portions of adrenaline when selling offline. I love explaining people about how to tie my necklaces or what my brooches are crocheted of - I love my things!

I must tell that buttons attracted most of the attention. One I sold two button necklaces one after another and was sitting during the show and urgently crocheting more button necklaces. a lady came and started asking what I am doing, after explanation she bought 2 button necklaces before they were made!
she came back to pick them up in two hours :)

The sales went very good, and now I can buy so much more beads and yarn!! Basar Under will be again open from March and on. Come and touch my necklaces in person :)


  1. What a great event! Congrats on your sales!

  2. Congrats on your success in market. You look very happy:)

  3. hi remember me...we met in the train sometime back...congrauts on ur success