Sunday, 24 October 2010

Buttons collection

More buttons!!

I am in love with these little colorful buttons. I bought a bunch in a secondhand shop and now is utilizing them into a new buttons collection!

Do you like upcycled things as much as I do?

I will list more items (versatile necklaces and earrings) in my "Passion for Buttons" section of my shop on Etsy


  1. Very pretty! Love upcycled things!

  2. You do gorgeous work... just stunning! I was already making some crocheted, beaded necklaces that are similar (mine are one long 72" loop, not open-ended) when I found yours on etsy. LOVELY!! I am selling mine at a local bazaar for Christmas, but I live in the Pacific Northwestern U.S., so no competition.:) If I ever sell any in my etsy shop (nothing there yet), I promise I will make mine different. I won't copy... can't help being inspired, though! XX OO

  3. Dear Patti,
    i am glad you like my work!
    I haven't invented crocheted jewelry :) so I guess there are many crafters doing the same. I do see here and there at the markets crocheted necklaces (though I have never seen like mine - that can both be open ended and locked as bracelets or headbands etc'). I would love to see yours if you have flickr or smth.
    And do try it on Etsy. Competition is good :) it inspired to constantly improve my product :)))