Thursday, 27 August 2009

Crocheted string - find a name :)

So here we go.

Here is the product I have been working on for a couple of months. don't worry, creating one string takes way less time, but what you see in front of you is my invention that I have come up with after two long months of creating similar items. Finally, I am completely satisfied with the result. The only thing missing is name - if you have good suggestions - let me know. (just don't attach the name to colors, because I have already crocheted around 50 similar strings in a variety of color combinations, and the name should fit them all)

So - this is a simple crocheted string with beads. Its length is approximately 130-140 cm (I will soon convert it to inches). And the main point is that it has TWO (!!) locks on each of its ends, which allows your imagination to freely play with design.
You just close the lock on any part of the string - the beads are big enough to make sure the lock stays stable. So that's how it looks:
And on arm...

and on my neck...

Did I say once, that this thing can be tied in 7 different ways? well, I was lying. The truly creative mind will never run out of the ideas of how to tie it. You can get actually unlimited number of options.
Want to see some more?
well, just tie it like that!

Or just make one loop around your neck and then tie. Or let the locks play with lengths...

what about locking both locks like this?
You see, even the small beeds are big enough!

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